I. Checking In & Checking Out

  • Label all belongings with your dog’s name (i.e., food measuring scoops etc).
  • Please do not bring toys, blankets or bowls from home.
  • At check in, be sure to confirm DATE and TIME of check out with the JPM concierge. This is especially important if you have a spa service
  • Just Pet Me has a convenient loading zone in front of our lobby for you to park while checking in and out for hotel services.
  • Please be courteous and patient when checking in or checking out at the same time as other guests. JPM staff will check in guests in the order of
    arrival or departure.
  • To avoid doggie daycare rush hours and waiting in a long line, please AVOID checking in or checking out Monday through Friday, between 7AM &
    10AM  OR 5PM & 8PM.

II. Food & Medication

  • Please label all food brought from home with your dog’s NAME and feeding instructions
  • Be sure to label all food containers and measuring utensils with your dog’s name. Unlabeled measuring utensils may not be returned.
  • On occasion, some dogs do not show interest in food because they are in an unfamiliar environment, please bring something special for us to add to
    his/her kibble (i.e. wet food, cooked chicken etc.) if you think your dog will feel anxious about being away from home.
  • You are responsible for providing a plentiful amount of food for your dog’s entire visit. This is especially important for dogs with allergies
    and/or a sensitive stomach.  We cannot guarantee how your dog will react to a new food brand and it is very common for dogs to experience diarrhea
    when exposed to unfamiliar kibble.  If your dog runs out of food, we will feed our house kibble at the cost of $5 per day.
  • MEDICATIONSshould come in a Ziploc bag with your dog’s name and instructions labeled on it.
  • Medications must be PREMEASURED and parents are responsible for bringing any food necessary for administering medications.
  • Parents are responsible for providing labeled measuring utensils for liquid medication

III. Spa Services & Grooming

  • If you would like to schedule a bath during your dog’s hotel stay, please include it in your hotel reservation.  Please note that baths are
    typically completed on the day of check out if your check out time is after 2:30pm. Without a minimum of 14 days notice, dogs checking out before
    2:30pm will be bathed the previous day.
  • You must let JPM staff know what TIME you plan to pick up your dog so that we can schedule baths/spa services accordingly.  If you do not provide a
    precise check out time and date, or if you check out before your scheduled departure, we will not be responsible if your bath has not been
  • Guests who pay for a stay of more than seven consecutive nights are eligible for a complimentary bath, which is administered from Monday through
    Fridays, between 12:30PM & 2:30PM in accordance to the availability in our calendar.  Note that all guests can opt instead, to reserve a paid
    bath on the day of checkout.
  • Please note that our groomer is reserved with advanced notice on SUNDAYS only.  Please inform a Pet Concierge that you would like a groom and we
    will notify you of the next available date.
  • If you are scheduled for a groom, please provide written details on how you would like your dog’s haircut.  We will keep these instructions in your
    file for future grooms.  Pictures are welcome as well!