Zeus is a cockapoo that has a personality as big as his name. From the minute Zeus walked through the  doors of Just Pet Me has was Mr. Popular. This little buddy loves to make friends and his small size doesn't hold him back from playing with some of our bigger...

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Moya is one of the most playful pups we have coming in to Just Pet Me. Always quick to get to playing, he is really becoming Mr. Popular. Moya is in nonstop action mode once he is around his puppy pals and with his high levels of energy he quickly found out who was...

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Brody is a black lab pup who just recently started spending his days at Just Pet Me.  Like most Labrador puppies Brody is bursting with energy and personality. The minute Brody comes through our doors his tail starts wagging a mile a minute and he runs right for our...

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Jerry is an awesome older pup who has been spending his most recent vacation here at Just Pet Me. Jerry has had a blast meeting all the dogs here and has even become best buds with some of our younger pups. When Jerry isn't walking around saying "Hello!" to everyone...

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Bella C

Bella is Lily C's sister. And they couldn't be more opposite. Whereas Lily likes to play and gets obsessed with tennis balls, Bella is calm and prefers napping to any kind of physical activity. Lily is very social with other dogs, and Bella prefers hanging out with...

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Andre is one energetic and very handsome dog who loves to spend his days playing here at Just Pet Me. Andre loves to play ball and once he is done playing fetch with our handlers he is quick to run off to one of his many lady friends. With a quick flash of his...

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Look closely, doesn't Monk kind of look like Albert Einstein? Besides that resemblance, there are other things about Monk that make him a fun, quirky little dog. Monk has a foot fetish. He LOVES to sit on feet, and have his back scratched while he sits on feet....

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Beau B

The newest addition to JPM will melt your heart. He's nothing but wrinkles and ears who looks like a little piglet, and snorts like one too! Beau is the French Bulldog who is so cute, he's nearly impossible to put down. He doesn't mind it either, and will gladly put...

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Pete doesn't care about personal space, or if you're busy with another dog. He makes his presence known; usually shoving the other dogs out of the way and sitting on you. He's an attention hog who must know what you're doing every minute of the day! He's not as food...

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Rambo is a little guy who may not be as tough as the Sylvester Stallone character, but our Rambo is definitely sweeter! He always seems to have a permanent grin on his face, which adds to his sweet demeanor. Sometimes he'll play with Moe W, and run around with Cabo,...

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Koa is one of our favorite girls here at Just Pet Me. This yellow lab is bursting with personality and is always excited to come to Just Pet Me and see her canine and human friends. When Koa isn't wrestling with her pals Bella and Lily you can be sure to find her...

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Topper is a big boy who loves to lounge and sunbathe. He's very easy going, and as long as there is a place to lie down in the sun, nothing bothers him. He keeps to himself, unless Toby D is here, and then Topper is up and playing like a puppy. In what seems to be a...

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“You have spoiled us rotten!”

" I am so starved for JPM!" Michele B. Gideon You have spoiled us rotten!  I am so starved for JPM!  I’m trying out new boarding places and it is simply a joke some of what these folk call “doggie day care.” It’s more like a concrete floored room with a distracted...

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Romeo T

Wherefore art thou, Romeo? Well, he's usually off playing with whomever is in the mood. Whether it's Laverne,Cody B, Duke, Obi, or Kayla, Romeo doesn't care as long as someone plays, and for a long time! Romeo T is the Energizer Bunny of JPM. He's an Australian...

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