“They really form bonds with the animals.. “ Nicole S.


My cat, Houdini, is very precious to me so I was careful in choosing the best place for him to stay while I was out of town. Just Pet Me made that choice a simple one with the services they offer. I felt confident that he would be treated well during his stay. Just Pet Me does more than provide food and shelter. They really form bonds with the animals in their care. Houdini was in good spirits when I picked him up after my trip. The staff member who brought him out to greet me had a genuine affection for him. She even took a moment to say goodbye. I could tell by her detailed account of their interactions that she really knew Houdini. I was thankful to her for spending time with him because he’s a loving cat and requires a lot of attention. Just Pet Me is a truly superb organization. I was so pleased with them  that I brought Houdini back the next time I went out of town.

-Nicole S.

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