” I am so starved for JPM!”
Michele B.


You have spoiled us rotten!  I am so starved for JPM!  I’m trying out new boarding places and it is simply a joke some of what these folk call “doggie day care.”

It’s more like a concrete floored room with a distracted attendant that just lets the dogs lay there.  I found this particular description in DC in one of the most chic neighborhoods in town! I was so stunned! I asked for a tour and the guy said look through the window – the room I saw was the whole space!  I said nope and kept my kids with me.

Now i’m trying out this place and while it is really nice, it REEKS of urine.  Now tell me, why would a daycare facility have hardwood floors and furniture? When dogs piss on it and the wood holds the odor? URGH!  I thought I would ask you what you clean with and what kinds of surfaces you have so I could make a “gentle recommendation” cuz these folks charge top dollar and the place smells like pee!
Now they have indoor-outdoor and all that – but the set up isn’t nearly as nice and they don’t have enough staff to me – nor does the staff ENGAGE the dogs so if they don’t play with each other – they’re just on their own.
Now I will say this: they have doggie cam so you can remotely watch your dogs at play on your phone or laptop or tablet…whatever, I want people playing with my dog and I don’t want it to smell like pee!
Signed, a loyal, spoiled customer for life

 Michele B.

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