“Kihei gives JPM four paws!”
Beatrice & Andy W.


It is a pleasure to write this testimonial because Just Pet Me is such a big part of our dear Kihei’s life and of ours as well.  It is safe to say that before JPM, we struggled with keeping our pets happy, safe and occupied during the day when we were at work.

When we adopted Kihei two years ago, this problem was worse than ever because of her amazing ability to leap fences at a single bound, as well as the anxiety she experienced after being out on the streets and then in a shelter.  After several weeks rushing home from work so that we could prevent Kihei from getting out of the house and getting into trouble, we realized we needed help. At a local dog park, we met another dog owner who encouraged us to call JPM, and we did.

From the very first day, we realized Just Pet Me takes an unusual interest in its customers, both human and canine. We appreciate the fact that Kihei was required to come for an introductory visit before we were accepted as a member, and that her vaccinations were required to be in order. We like how Julie thought in advance about how and where Kihei would fit into the group of dogs who were already JPM regulars. While it felt strange at first to leave Kihei at a “doggie daycare” in the mornings, she and we quickly grew used to the routine. When we pick-up Kihei at the end of the day, she is happy and tired – played out but also energized by her experience with other dogs. Its clear from her interactions with the staff that she loves them and vice versa.

We would recommend Just Pet Me to any dog owner who is concerned about the welfare of his or her pet and who wants to find a high-quality provider of pet sitting and pet training services. Kihei gives JPM four paws!

-Beatrice & Andy W.

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