“If you care about your dog, Just Pet Me is the right place.” Leena M.


“I have always felt really bad for dogs who spend all day alone or locked out in a yard.  When we decided to get a puppy, I promised myself that I would not get a dog for selfish reasons but would place importance on the dog’s happiness and well being.  Enter Doogie — this little shih-tzu has changed our life.  If both of us are going to be out all day, there is no question — Doogie goes to Just Pet Me.  It is so nice to have a place where Doogie can go to play with other dogs and the sweet staff.  The mornings he is going to Just Pet Me, we start asking him if he’s ready for “school”. His ears perk up and he is ready to go. When we pull up to Just Pet Me, he is practically jumping out of the car — which actually makes things super convenient because they have this wonderful drive-through type service where we can literally hand Doogie over through the window without getting out of the car (pretty helpful during rushed mornings).  When we get him in the evening, he is happy and seems to have exerted a bunch of his little dog energy.  They always give us an update on how his day was and who he played with that day — and those little touches make such a big difference. If you care about your dog, Just Pet Me is the right place for you.”

Leena M.

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