“We heartily recommend Just Pet Me Country Club.” Tina & Greg B.


“As is quite common, Cloe, our dalmatian, is our ‘daughter’ and we wanted her care to be genuine and great.  I admit our standards were quite high, but she is important to us.  We had checked out many places before choosing Just Pet Me.  Unlike the other places we checked into, JPM’s staff truly care for our dogs.  I was so worried the first day, but they offered for me to call anytime to check on her, without making me feel embarrassed and like some insecure animal parent.  When I came to pick her up, they showed me pictures of her playing during the day and she obviously had a GREAT time!

Sure, at first Cloe was unsure about leaving me, but the handlers there make it fun and the dogs look forward to going inside. Now, Cloe knows when we are getting close and she starts bouncing all over the car and whining with excitement to see her handlers at JPM. At pickup time, she bounds into the room, happy to see me, but also insists on giving her handlers good-bye kisses.  On the short drive home, within a block or two of leaving, she usually falls asleep.  Keep in mind, she’s only 2 years old!  I love bringing home a happily tired girl.  She rests while we make dinner and then she’s ready again to play with us so we don’t lose out on any of our fun time with her.

Within the last year, we inherited a small, old, dog “Daisy.”  I knew what they could do for a young, larger dog, but didn’t know what they could do to ‘make Daisy’s day’ at her age and size.  I never needed to be concerned.  Daisy has a great time too!  Being older, she needs medication. Just Pet Me is very accommodating in that if your pet has an injury or needs medication, they adjust her schedule and play as needed.

When I brought her in the first time, I was not questioned, but “interrogated” about what it was, why she was taking it, how she should take it, etc.  I knew from the detailed questions, that she would be just fine.  Daisy too, goes bananas with excitement once she realizes she is spending the day at JPM!

Sometimes we have needs for long-term stays, and other times for stays that go in shorter spurts.  Before I can figure out the most economical way to have our girls cared for during those shorter stays, JPM has already figured it out!

Just Pet Me was just what we were looking for – great care, economical and convenient – everything I wanted for my girls and us, without any need to worry about anything, ever!

We heartily recommend Just Pet Me Country Club to whomever is thinking about great care for their furry family!”

Tina & Greg B.

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