“I don’t know what I would do without you!” Darlene K.


“I have been bringing my dog, Ali, to Just Pet Me’s daycare program for more than two years. Ali is my kid and her happiness is very important to me. I have an incredible sense of comfort every morning when I pull up to the front and see that she cannot wait to get in there!

The staff are attentive and always inform me of any concern or behavior that might be out of the norm for her. When I pick her up at night, she is happy to see me but usually gives more kisses to the staff than she does to me.

I tried several other doggie daycare facilities before JPM but never felt as comfortable with the others. The hours are extremely convenient and the staff are very accommodating. I never fret when I am going out of town because I am confident that she’s being well cared for at the hotel.  During the day, the staff are very interactive with the dogs. They don’t just get put into a room to play amongst themselves. Instead, the staff play ball with them and water games in the heat of the summer. Ali is very high energy and she is pretty tired when I pick her up. That takes a lot of pressure off of me, because while I am working, she’s having fun, fun, fun!

Thanks Just Pet Me. I don’t know what I would do without you!”

Darlene K.

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