Dog of the Week: Bailey S.

Bailey might be the ultimate dog. She has an awesome laid back personality, loves to play with both humans and dogs, and is also an incredibly beautiful pup. Whenever Bailey comes to kick it with us she always comes in with a wagging tale a smile that just screams "I...

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Dog of the Week: Frankie

Frankie is a girl who really knows how to bring the party wherever she goes. She has been coming to kick it with us for the last few months and in that short time she has accumulated an endless list of friends. When this adorable little girl comes through our front...

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Dog of the Week: Miles

Miles is one dog who should be on the payroll, he really puts the other dogs to work when he is here. When this dude comes through our door he immediately clocks in and gets right down to business. Whether it's tiring out the other dogs with his seemingly endless...

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Dog of the Week: Dolce

Dolce is one of my best friends. Every time she comes in she is quick to hop into our lobby arm chair and make sure she gets her hugs and kisses in before she goes to play with the pups. I have spent many weekends with Dolce, both of us basking in the sunshine as we...

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Dog of the Week: Whiskey

There's nothing I love more than  having Whiskey at work. I know that when you first read that you might be a little concerned, but don't be worried because Whiskey is the name of one pint sized pup who comes to kick it with us at Just Pet Me. This radical little dude...

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Dog of the Week: Moxie

It's a bird! It's a plane! Oh wait a minute, it's just Moxie! This crazy girl has so much energy that some of our staff are starting to think that she has super powers. When Moxie enters our play group she takes off at warp speed and makes sure to greet each and every...

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Dog of the Week: Mooshie

Mooshie is an absolute sweetheart of a dog. Ever since she started coming to hang out with us she has been nothing but a delight. This girl is a real lovebug with both people and dogs alike, she loves a quality ear scratch just as much as she loves wrestling with her...

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Dog of the Week: Doctor Gonzo

Doctor Gonzo is one of our newest members here at Just Pet Me and for the past couple months he has been keeping us all very busy. This rambunctious little rascal has been making friends left and right and his antics have been extremely entertaining for all of our...

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Dog of the Week: Cortez

Cortez is one heck of a guy and when he started coming to Just Pet Me he really lived up to his name sake and took the place by storm. When Cortez walks through our doors his commanding presence brightens up the room like a super nova on the verge of exploding. This...

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Dog of the Week: Jamie

Jamie is another pup that we have had the pleasure of watching grow up. When this dude first started to come hang out with us he was just a cute little puppy, you could say he was labradorable, now he is all grown up and his cuteness has multiplied with his size. His...

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Dog of the Week: Milhaus

Milhaus has been visiting us since he was just a tiny little puppy. Now Milhaus is all grown up, but he still kept all of his puppy energy. The first thing you may think when you hear the name is "Oh no, this guy sounds like a nerd!", but I can assure you that Milhaus...

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Dog of the Week: Mochi

If you look up handsome in the dictionary there is a picture of Mochi next to the definition. If you look up adorable in the dictionary, you will find his picture again. This little dude's cuteness can bring light to even the blackest of souls, and his personality is...

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Happy Holidays and Happy Memories

Another year has gone by here at Just Pet Me, and unfortunately as time passes there can also be the unfortunate passing of some of our furry friends. This year a few of our barking buds who were frequent visitors of ours took that long journey up to that big dog park...

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Make Your Holiday Reservations Now

The holidays are a great time for us all. We get to spend time with family and friends and enjoy all the good things that life has to offer, unfortunately though sometimes our canine companions and feline friends aren’t able to go with their families on their holiday...

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Dog of the Week: Bosley

Bosley has only been coming to Just Pet Me for the last couple months and in that short period of time he has made a huge impression our staff and made a bunch of puppy pals. When Bosley comes through our front doors he is always sporting a grin that stretches from...

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